problems with mailscanner automated cron

Lance Haig lhaig at HAIGMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 27 06:54:50 IST 2005

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I get two different e-mails from the new server I have built. Can someone
tell me what to look for please

I get this e-mail every hour

      running hourly cronjob scripts

      SCRIPT: check_MailScanner, OK.
      SCRIPT: fix_quarantine_permissions, OK.
      SCRIPT: mailq.php, OK.
      SCRIPT: sendmail_relay.php exited with RETURNCODE = 255.
      SCRIPT: output (stdout && stderr) follows

      Warning: main(/var/www/html/mailscanner/functions.php):
      failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
      /etc/cron.hourly/sendmail_relay.php on line 23

      Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required
      (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in
      /etc/cron.hourly/sendmail_relay.php on line 23
      SCRIPT: sendmail_relay.php
      ------- END OF OUTPUT

 I can't find the place to change the path to the functions.php as SUSE web server document root sits in /srv/www/htdocs. I have edited the sendmail_relay.php file with the right path.

and this one every day
The rules_du_jour exists and the rights a 0755 for root:root

      running daily cronjob scripts

      SCRIPT: exited with RETURNCODE = 1.
      SCRIPT: output (stdout && stderr) follows

      /etc/cron.daily/rules_du_jour is either not there or is 0
      ------- END OF OUTPUT

      SCRIPT: bayes-rebuild, OK.
      SCRIPT: clean.quarantine, OK.
      SCRIPT: clean_catman, OK.
      SCRIPT: clean_core, OK.
      SCRIPT: do_mandb, OK.
      SCRIPT: logrotate, OK.
      SCRIPT: medusa.cron, OK.
      SCRIPT: pyzor-discover, OK.
      SCRIPT: output (stdout && stderr) follows

      downloading servers from
      SCRIPT: pyzor-discover
      ------- END OF OUTPUT

      SCRIPT: razor-discover, OK.
      SCRIPT: rules_du_jour_wrapper, OK.
      SCRIPT:, OK.
      SCRIPT:, OK.
      SCRIPT:, OK.
      SCRIPT:, OK.
      SCRIPT:, OK.
      SCRIPT:, OK.
      SCRIPT: updatedb, OK.

      SCRIPT: update_virus_scanners, OK.

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