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Tue Apr 26 16:46:20 IST 2005

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Matt Kettler wrote:
> David Höhn wrote:
>>Ed Bruce wrote:
>>THis is a bad idea.
>>You _will_ poisin your bayes database. Your Companies MX has a very
>>specific way it deals with email and as such it most likely will be
>>targeted by a particular "flavour" of spam. Depending on your employees
>>preferences and so on. My advice, always, do NOT do that.
>>test this out before pointing our company's MX
> Bah. That's completely bogus.
Well if it is, then show me empirical proof. We have tested numerous runs for
big customers and form them it is true.

> While this argument is VERY true for ham, it's completely NOT true for spam.
It seems to be true here. Maybe because the number of employees or "receivers"
is very high and rather diverse.

> I forward the following statements as fundamental truths of spam
> 1) spam is high volume, thus any given message reaches a large number of
> people.
Not necessarily true. It is unlikely that German SPAM reaches a large number
of US citizens. There _are_ Spammers that operate locally.

> 2) In order to increase volume, most spam is indiscriminate, and sent to
> as many addresses as possible.
See above. That might be true for a lot of simple spammer schemes, but
"professionals" tend to be more selective. Simply because that means more money.

> 3) Since most spam is indiscriminate, most flavors of spam do not have a
> "target" audience other than "everyone".

Well I cannotr quite follow that statement at all.


But as I said, I am very well willing to discuss this off list.
Once more, it is an observation, _I_ have made and that is how I stated it. I
would appreciate it, if that isn't simply disregarded as "bogus" without
proper discussion. Thank you :)
- -d
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