Cluster of MailScanners

Pentland G. G.Pentland at SOTON.AC.UK
Mon Apr 25 23:13:39 IST 2005


As you know my site...

The one with more load is the one that was built first and hence
available through the firewall first, not in the zone file first.

Maybe spammers cache/log IP addresses?

Never got to the bottom of it but don't really mind, if it is struggling
I just shut it down for ten minutes as any real mail will queue or
choose another MX and I'll lose a few hundred spams without bothering
with the CPU time to check them.


Julian Field wrote:
> Gary,
> Do you find that the one that gets most of the spam is the last one
> listed in the zone file? 
> Pentland G. wrote:
>> I would agree with Martin except to say that it doesn't guarantee an
>> "even" spread of load. 
>> I have 3 MX hosts available to the world and one gets around 50% ->
>> 60% of the load, with the other two each getting just over 20%,
>> fortunately my hosts can handle it :-) 
>> It all depends how complicated you want to make your life.
>> Gary
>> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>>> John
>>> normal way of doing this is to have mutliple MX records for the
>>> domain with the same value. That way dns will round robin between
>>> the computers and if one fails others will pick up the work load
>>> automatically. 
>>> John Schmerold wrote:
>>>> Has anyone tried following approach to configuring a cluster of
>>>> MailScanner boxes? 1. Get an account at - They are good
>>>> guys & don't ask for a bunch of money 2. Define your mx record to
>>>> be 3. Setup as many MailScanner boxes as your
>>>> daily volume dictates (Let's say you're setting up 2 units)
>>>> 4. On the hour, run ddclient on box #1, on the 1/2 hour run
>>>> ddclient          on box #2 (see
>>>> for info
>>>> regarding ddclient) It seems to me that this should help the huge
>>>> spam attacks people are seeing. Will this work, is there a better
>>>> way?  

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