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Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Mon Apr 25 18:27:22 IST 2005

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Another way of doing it would be to use the round robin feature of 'A'

point the 'A' record like this:
mail    IN      A       IP_ADDRESS_1
mail    IN      A       IP_ADDRESS_2
mail    IN      A       IP_ADDRESS_3

And the 'MX' like this:
IN      MX      10      mail.domain.tld.

works really well imo. (except dnsstuff complaining about a single mx)

- dhawal

Pentland G. wrote:
> I would agree with Martin except to say that it doesn't guarantee an
> "even" spread of load.
> I have 3 MX hosts available to the world and one gets around 50% -> 60%
> of the load, with the other two each getting just over 20%, fortunately
> my hosts can handle it :-)
> It all depends how complicated you want to make your life.
> Gary
> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>>normal way of doing this is to have mutliple MX records for the
>>domain with the same value. That way dns will round robin between the
>>computers and if one fails others will pick up the work load
>>John Schmerold wrote:
>>>Has anyone tried following approach to configuring a cluster of
>>>MailScanner boxes? 1. Get an account at - They are good
>>>guys & don't ask for a bunch of money
>>>2. Define your mx record to be
>>>3. Setup as many MailScanner boxes as your daily volume dictates
>>>(Let's say you're setting up 2 units)
>>>4. On the hour, run ddclient on box #1, on the 1/2 hour run ddclient
>>>          on box #2 (see
>>> for info regarding
>>>ddclient) It seems to me that this should help the huge spam attacks
>>>people are seeing. Will this work, is there a better way?

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