Stop inbound

Thu Apr 21 16:17:09 IST 2005

AP <> wrote:
> Is there a way that I can shutdown the reception of mail to the
> inbound queue while still allowing MailScanner to process what's
> currently in the inbound queue and still allow the delivery of mail
> in the post-processing queue?
> I know that I could turn off port 25 on the Firewall to the specific
> mail gateway but I would like to do this on the Mail Gateway itself.

There are lots and lots of ways you could achieve this,
but you need to tell us a little bit more about your setup.

For example, are you running Linux?  FreeBSD?  Solaris?

Just one method: if you're using linux, you could use
iptables to block inbound port 25 on the mail server (or
re-direct it to the backup mail server) when your trigger
goes off.  Most modern *nix varients have some sort
of built in firewall that could be manipulated in this


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