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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Wed Apr 20 21:03:58 IST 2005

Jon Fraley wrote:
> I have been asked to report on the message size for messages being
> processed by MailScanner 4.40.11.  I have to be able to break it down
> by spam and not spam.  Is there an easy way to do this?  Looking in
> the logs I see where it gives the size in bytes.  I have a question
> on the following situation:
> Apr 20 04:22:35 yoda MailScanner[10025]: New Batch: Found 3 messages
> waiting
> Apr 20 04:22:35 yoda MailScanner[10025]: New Batch: Scanning 2
> messages, 4654 bytes
> Apr 20 04:22:35 yoda MailScanner[10025]: Spam Checks: Starting
> Is this the size for both messages?  Not sure I understand how the
> processing goes at this point.

MS processes messages in batch, so that may be the cummulative size of that
batch, but the next run it will be different.  I think it does up to 30
messages at a time, and if there's more than that another MailScanner
process kicks in to take up the slack.  By default there's five MS instances
waiting in the wings.

If you want to see totals of the messages processed, take a look at
mailscanner-mrtg.  It builds graphs which will show you all sorts of things
like number of spam messages, total size of messages, total size of spam
messages, number of virus messages, etc.


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