MailScanner's SA wants it's Mommy...

Martin Hepworth martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM
Tue Apr 19 16:17:52 IST 2005

Dave Duffner - PSCGi wrote:
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>>in spam.assassin.prefs.conf make sure AWL is OFF, that should
>>be enough to cancel anything. Also make sure that it's off in
>>the user MailScanner runs as .spamassassin dir.
>>use_auto_whitelist      0
>         Yep, that setting has been in place for quite some time
> and even in the Headers it's noting autolearn is disabled.  Even
> though it's pointless in the 3.0X version, we've even used that
> switch in the mailscanner.conf file to see if that had any effect
> or was causing an override of the one you list above - nada.
>         Now you mention 'make sure it's off in the "user" MS runs
> as that dir?  Can you be a bit more specific as I'm not getting
> a grip on how/where that might be?
>         If I take it as-is above, you're saying if MS is run as
> Root then there's a conf file for just the Root user that needs
> that switch as well?  That'd be a new one on me...

Check in ~root/.spamassassin and make sure it's getting overridden in
one of the files there. Also worth checking in /etc/mail/spamassassin as
well in case ensim is doing something odd.

Also make sure that MailScanner.conf has the correct settings (location)
for the spam.assassin.prefs.conf.

a "spamassasson -p /path-to/spam.assassin.prefs.conf -D --lint" run as
the mailscanner user (root/whatever) should tell you if AWL is getting
turned on somehow.

>>What about other settings, is that OK for spamassassin - ie
>>obeying the spam.assassin.prefs.conf????
>         Far as I can see, it's doing everything else according to
> the settings in that conf file you mention.  The only bug that
> seems apparent is that SA isn't run on every e-mail as it should
> (and was with previous versions).  Looks like it missed about 10%
> of the incoming mail, you can see in the headers that MS handled
> it, but there's no SA notes at all.  We may have changed settings
> in such a way that it won't modify headers for those messages
> with a 0.0 rating, or the MS/SA upgraded versions may do that by
> default so that could be a false situation.  But it tags all
> messages with an MS info section, just not all with an SA tag.

check for timeouts in the logs, also compare you old and new
MailScanner.conf. Are you sure there's no MailScanner whitelisting going
on via rules sets?

>>AWL in 3.0x is a bit of a PITA, quite q few people have
>>trouble with it, and I thinks lots of things have been fixed
>>for the upcoming 3.1 release.
>>Martin Hepworth
>         Yep, that I've noticed in the threads.  I'll be looking
> forward to that fix, just hope Ensim can handle the integration
> as we had to wait until just recently to get their patch to
> upgrade it without fouling everything up.

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