MailScanner's SA wants it's Mommy...

Dave Duffner - PSCGi webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Tue Apr 19 14:47:36 IST 2005


        Same Bat Time, same Bat Station kids...

        Reason this is going here is because this is
MailScanner calling up SpamAssassin, we've discussed
this before but now I'm totally baffled.

        Julian, my copy of MS/SA wants you so bad it
just can't let go.  It's AWL is so upset that I won't
let it play with you anymore that it's gone AWOL and
on the rampage randomly.

        We've finally pinned down the fact that in the
Ensim implementation of the MS/SA/ClamAV setup
(MS 4.63, SA 3.XX on a Linux FC1 base) puts the AWL
file for each mail account in that account's .spamassassin
directory.  That was fine, wiped them out so that there
was no AWL file to refer to.

        Turned AWL off in all the locations ever posted
here in the List, checked it once again after a recent
upgrade of Ensim (as they like to screw things up in a
blow-it-all-away format vs. selective upgrades) and
it's stating autolearn, AWL, etc. are all shut down.

        That was working fine for about a week, then I
noted the AWL was back just on Julian's posts here.  That
part we've never been able to determine as to why it just
likes Julian's posts, but it does.  It's obsessed with

        So I check again this morning and find we've gone
from an AWL 0.0 adjustment to now a 0.9 as it's building
that file up again based on the fact Julian posts quite
a bit here (which is completely normal).  It's rebuilt
the AWL file in the account I use for this List.

        I checked other posts here, some seem to get
skipped in checking as has been mentioned here recently.
Can live with that part as the percentage is low.  But
other posts, even from those who post quite a bit never
get that AWL tag or adjustment.

        Any clues on this?  I'm just about bonkers with it.

      David J. Duffner
      Paradise Shore Communications Group

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