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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Sun Apr 10 01:47:13 IST 2005

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Jason wrote:

 Hi Drew. I appreciate your suggestions. I noted below:


 For SpamAssassin, yes. For MailScanner, no. Personally, I would always
look to build MS thus:
$ cd /usr/ports/mail/mailscanner
$ make
$make deinstall
^^^^^^^^^^^^ to remove the old version
$ make reinstall
Then you still keep access to the wrapper and languages update scripts
(Details of which you will see at the end of the installation. Once you
have done these (If required) then
$ make clean

 Good to know. Looks pretty straight forward really. No jumping through rings
of fire or eating glass. :D


 You then need to cd to /usr/local/etc/MailScanner and check the
MailScanner.conf.<version number>.new (I think it's called. You won't
miss it anyway). It will have been automatically updated with the
details from your old MailScanner.conf but there may be new features or
options. You can compare against the default, which will also be in the
same directory called MailScanner.conf.sample. Check also the
differences between the other old files in that directory and the
.sample new ones (Use diff to help you). I would also check the change
log at for other details as you might want to look
at phishing safe site lists for example. Once you are happy you are
ready to go.

 Alright. I'll make sure I do that. Reading the changelog as I write.

 Don't forget you ought to run $ portupgrade -an just to see what else
needs updating. There could well be perl modules that MS wants that need
updating also. If you upgrade MS first and you are happy with the output
of portupgrade -an just run portupgrade -a and go for coffee! The
portupgrade will do the rest.

 You know, i forgot about using portupgrade -an. Really is a handy tool. If you
don't mind, just for kicks i ran it inside the mailscanner port
(/usr/ports/mail/mailscanner) as well as the spamassassin port
(/usr/ports/mail/p5-Mail-SpamAsassin). Interesting thing happened when I ran
portupgrade -an in the SA port: Looking at the output, it looks as if it
wants to upgrade quite a bit of ports. Some of them are:

Even had mailscanner in there. :)

I was a little surprised by this. Is that correct?
I could email you a output list if you like if your curious to see what it
came up with.

The -a flag of portupgrade means all and -n is no action. It doesn't
matter where you run the command, portupgrade will look to upgrade *all*
the packages on your machine. In this instance it includes Apache,
Sendmail and I would be surprised to see a raft of perl modules.

Now if you don't want to update every thing, you can be clever and just:

$ cd /var/db/pkg (Which is the database of all the packages and ports
installed on your box)
$ portupgrade p5-* (which would upgrade all the perl modules, for

So you can use wildcards, which is really handy for the perl modules.



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