Starting from scratch

Billy Pumphrey billy at PLANETGEEK.BIZ
Thu Apr 7 16:31:09 IST 2005

> First thing to try is setting locking to posix, because Sendmail 13 has
> issues with flock.

Ok, I did this.  Now the log says to the effect of:
Apr  7 10:25:21 WoodenMS MailScanner[2574]: Using locktype = posix
Apr  7 10:25:21 WoodenMS MailScanner[2574]: Creating hardcoded struct_flock
outine for linux (Linux-type)

I did not know that the log does not show as it did before in previous
versions.  Before I would do tail -f /var/log/maillog and see the emails
coming through.  How does it work now?

Looking that the log was what I was doing to see if it would work or not.
Since nothing came through the log I did not think that it was working.

MailScanner is Working!!

However I would like to know how to "view the log".

Thank you

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