MailScanner & IPv6 [SOLVED]

Mike michael at NOMENNESCIO.NET
Wed Apr 6 18:57:39 IST 2005

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>I am pretty sure the IPv6: leader is Linux-specific, it should just put
>the IP(v6) address in there.
>I certainly do not want the IPv6: included in the IP address inside
>So I'm going with Rick's suggestion below.

It seems the IPv6: tag is sendmail specific, not Linux. I went through some documentation of some IPv6 related services, i.e. ssh, sendmail and BIND. Although I first thought that the IPv6: tag also appeared in the other services, I was wrong. It's only mentioned in sendmail. The only place where I've also found them is in milters, but those are obviously sendmail related.

Rick's solution is therefore the correct one. ;-)


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