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Wed Apr 6 18:14:40 IST 2005

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I am pretty sure the IPv6: leader is Linux-specific, it should just put
the IP(v6) address in there.
I certainly do not want the IPv6: included in the IP address inside
So I'm going with Rick's suggestion below.

Rick Cooper wrote:

> if ($ip =~ /\[(?:IPv6:)?([\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {

So the relevant bit of (starting line 317) now reads:
      if ($Line =~ /^\$_/) {
        $ip = $Line;
        #chomp $ip;
        # Linux adds "IPv6:" on the front of the IPv6 address, so remove it
        if ($ip =~ /\[(?:IPv6:)?([\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {
          $message->{clientip} = $1;
        } else {
          # It is a locally-created message and doesn't have an smtp
client ip
          $message->{clientip} = '';
        $IPFound = 1; # We have found the client IP address

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