undoing mailscanner modifications before feeding into sa-learn

Wed Apr 6 14:14:18 IST 2005

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Hi folks,

I want to feed back spam and ham messages to the bayes filter.  I've
setup two shared folders (ham & spam) on my imap machine and a fetchmail
which fetches the messages from there and puts it into sa-learn with
fetchmails --mda feature.  This works fine so far.

The docs of sa-learn say, that it internally does some undos (like
spamassassin -d) in order to remove mail headers which originates by
spamassassin so that there is no bias reinforcement.

My question:  is sa-learn aware of how mailscanner modifies the message
and can sa-learn undo it?  How do I have to tweak mailscanner?  For
example, I will have to turn off disarming of html and other destructive
conversions.  Any experiences?  The faq-o-matic doesn't note this issue
at all.


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