MailScanner & IPv6 [SOLVED]

Mike michael at NOMENNESCIO.NET
Wed Apr 6 14:00:03 IST 2005

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>I am thinking, and again I am not a sendmail man, that the IPv6: is a
>sendmail designation for logging or other internal use. If you do a:
>host IPv6:2001:888:0:1::666 you get Host IPv6:2001:888:0:1::666 not found:
>but if you do:
>host 2001:888:0:1::666 you get
>domain name pointer

Yes, this is absolutely true. The IPv6: tag is NOT part of the address itself of course. However, other applications (I seem to recall BIND) also use the IPv6: tag, so I'm not sure if it's sendmail specific. If it however is sendmail specific, then I think the tag should be removed as early as possible, in which case your solution is preferable. But that's not clear to me at this point.

For the moment I'm using the same solution for MailWatch, since functions.php contains a function called get_mail_relays(), which is used by detail.php to show through which relays the mail has gone. At the moment I remove the IPv6: tag, since else the gethostbyaddr() fails (as with your example).



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