MailScanner & IPv6 [SOLVED]

Mike michael at NOMENNESCIO.NET
Wed Apr 6 12:38:45 IST 2005

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>It's not part of the specification, which is why I mentioned it. It's easy
>to spot an IPv6 address anyway because of the format.

Ok, it's just that every program/service that uses IPv6, seems to leave the IPv6 tag in tact. I'll leave it to Julian.

>Yeah, should have made that "(?:Ipv6:)?" oops! I doubt that the accuracy of
>the address is an issue once it's gotten to mailscanner anyway.

It's important for ACL I think, since you need to know what to match against.

I've done some tests with "(?:Ipv6:)?", but that only works for IPv4, no longer for IPv6. This is what I used for testing:

#! /usr/bin/perl

$ip = "$ [IPv6:2001:888:0:1::666]";
#$ip = "$ []";

if ($ip =~ /\[(?:Ipv6:)?([\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {
  print "match\n";
  print "$1\n";
} else {
  print "no match\n";
  print "$1\n";

Anyway, Julian will hopefully shed his guru perl light on the problem and a proper fix! ;-)

>> >Rick


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