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Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Tue Apr 5 17:57:54 IST 2005

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DNSAdmin wrote:
> At 10:40 AM 4/5/2005, you wrote:
>> Hhmm... thank you for all of the replies.  I was just about to install
>> red
>> hat 9 just because I have the media already and it seemed to me it
>> would be
>> stable.  Majority people are talking Centos.
>> I will go centos if everyone thinks it is good.
>> Is the mailwatch you are speaking of this:  ??
>> I have not used centos before at all, is it a simple setup such as red
>> hat?
>> Also I will have to look into up2date as I have not heard of it either.
> Hey Billy,
> I had suggested earlier that you take a look at CentOS 3.4 as opposed to
> the 4.0 route. The reason is you will be a a lot more familiar with it and
> will have less headaches with implementation.
> The 4.0 version is much more secure, but you have to disable those security
> capabilities to get the OS to behave with MailScanner and a whole other
> mess of services.

selinux can be set to disabled / warn during installation.

Also centos comes with mysql4 (for mailwatch if required) and SA 3.0.1
so that is nice. It is quite simple to install (as easy as rh9 or centos
3.x). Plus yum is faster..

If you use postfix, (though i think not) you get v2.1 opposed to v2.0 in
centos4 and finally it comes with kernel 2.6 (as compared to 2.4 in
centos v3.x)

If you have some time at your disposal, it'll be best if you try out
both options before finalising.

- dhawal

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