Queues Not Being Processed ?

Ian McCloy ian at MINTRA.COM
Tue Apr 5 16:16:56 IST 2005

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we have 2 nearly identical systems running

both were running smoothly until a few weeks ago, when one stopped
processing the queues.

Mind you, they are small queues under 100.

The queue files just build and build, so we stopped mailscanner and
reverted to just using the MTA (sendmail), but of course we really would
prefer to run MailScanner on this server.

The .conf file is the same on both servers and the permissions look the
same to me.

the conf file is pointing to the correct locations for the queues,
because the tables are populated in MailWatch.

When I click on the far left, in mail watch to view a message waiting in
the Queue, I get an error back that says.    Message ID 'XYZ2131231231'
Not Found
but If I do the same to a processed message, in the recent messages page
it works fine.

Any Ideas?

help is highly appreciated,
                                  Ian McCloy

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