[ot] qmail setup temporarily stopping mail forwarded by MailScanner box

Stef Morrell stef at L5NET.NET
Tue Apr 5 16:02:05 IST 2005

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> I started tracing the qmail setup and didn't get very far 
> before I got confused.  I remember when I thought sendmail 
> was confusing and complex and beyond my grasp.  How quaintly 
> naive.  :)

sendmail.cf files scare me, hence I started on qmail, which
totally makes sense and is easy to use. No... really. Once
you understand that DJB wants you to do it all his way, and
that anybody elses way is wrong, it starts to come together.

Since starting on qmail, I've gained some degree of sense and
so I use postfix... but on my personal server I retain qmail 
out of a sense of perversity and to ensure that if I should 
get run over by a bus, the machine goes to the grave with me.

But I digress...

> Does anyone know where I should look to find this throttle 
> and turn it off?  (The qmail box will only receive mail from 
> the MS box so there's no reason to have it any more.)

Where did you get your qmail from? I am unaware of anything in 
qmail which does this. I have seen a thing called spamthrottle
for qmail:


But this isn't part of a bare 1.03 install. Perhaps you have
that installed, in which case the above manpage might help.



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