Mailscanner stops scanning attachments??

Jeremy Huber jhuber at MICROSOURCE.COM
Mon Apr 4 22:16:22 IST 2005

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005 11:56:10 -0400, Denis Beauchemin
<Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA> wrote:

>Within MS, no attachment bumps the score up or down.  Attachments are
>either left alone or deleted (depending on your setup) but they are not
>being modified at all unless they were encoded in QP when they should
>have been in Base64.
>Are you sure you don't have something else playing tricks on you?

No, I'm not certain at all (hence the begging nature of the email :) ).
However, I do know that attachments ARE causing the score to be modified.
An example from today.. This email was an HTML email, that happened to have
a TIFF attached, and it triggered all these rules:

Score Matching Rule Description
0.00 HTML_MESSAGE HTML included in message
1.00 MANGLED_COST mangled cost
1.00 MANGLED_DEALS mangled deal(s)
1.00 MANGLED_DIET mangled diet
1.00 MANGLED_GOOD mangled good
1.00 MANGLED_LIPS mangled lips
1.00 MANGLED_LOW mangled low
1.00 MANGLED_MEDS mangled med(s)
1.00 MANGLED_PILL mangled pill(s)
1.00 MANGLED_SAVELE mangled save sale
1.00 MANGLED_SEX mangled sex(ual)(ity)
1.50 MIME_ASCII0 Message body contains ASCII-0 character
0.50 MIME_BAD_LINEBREAK Message body with fishy line breaks
0.80 MIME_MISSING_BOUNDARY MIME section missing boundary
0.26 UPPERCASE_25_50 message body is 25-50% uppercase

I had the user resend without the attachment, and it only triggered the

The other issue with data being pulled out of word docs I can't verify..
it's only heresay from a customer, but when he sends me the end result, it
appears as a 64B .doc file and a winmail.dat file, so I suspect that MS (or
something else) is messing up the attachment.  I've turned off TNEF to see
if that resolves that one.

I'm not discounting at all the fact that I've probably misconfigured
something, but I'm at a loss right now.

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