[ot] qmail setup temporarily stopping mail forwarded by MailScanner box

Mon Apr 4 19:09:38 IST 2005

I've just set up a system where MailScanner
running on a RH8 machine will send (via the
mailertable) scanned mail to another machine
that's running qmail.

I know nothing about qmail at this point, but
it looks like there's some sort of throttle
built into qmail that keeps the MailScanner
box from being able to send messages on occasion.

When there's a lot of mail coming through
the qmail box just stops responding for a
while.  It will eventually start up again,
but by that point there's a lot of stuff in
the MailScanner outbound queue and the cycle
will repeat for a while until the mail is
all out of the queue.

I started tracing the qmail setup and didn't
get very far before I got confused.  I
remember when I thought sendmail was confusing
and complex and beyond my grasp.  How quaintly
naive.  :)

Does anyone know where I should look to find
this throttle and turn it off?  (The qmail
box will only receive mail from the MS box
so there's no reason to have it any more.)

As always, any help at all is appreciated.


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