SA 3.0.2 and MySQL

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Mon Apr 4 12:50:06 IST 2005

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Simon Brock wrote:
>> Actually with SA 3.0.2 using MySQL has fewer problems, according to the
>> dev list for it. It seems to rock along too.
> I have been meaning to look into this myself but I was wondering if
> MySQL could be used to store a shared Bayes DB?
> We have a number of MailScanner installations here set up for
> different reasons and different clients.  I was wondering if we used
> MySQL for the Bayes DB we could share learnt results between
> machines.  Anyone tried that -- with or without MySQL?
> Regards,
> Simon.

We've been using it servicewide (for multiple servers, domains and
customers) and it is working as expected.. we use blacklist / whitelists
to override any specific requests from customers (rather than having
different DBs)

The migration to MySQL was simple enough, and speed has never been as
issue. Also now I have a dedicated server doing just that (and
mailwatch) for 3 (and growing) front-end MS servers. Only once in the
last 4-5 months has the database stopped responding (the reason is yet
unknown). The db size as of now is ~450MB (including data and indexes)
and continues to grow, daily volume being in excess of 80K mails.

Check the sa-users and sa-dev lists for more information.

- dhawal

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