Mail loss after upgrading to 4.40.11-1 due to missing .rules suffix

Menno Jansz lists at JANSZ.COM
Sun Apr 3 21:13:59 IST 2005

Just upgraded an old version of SpamAssassin to the latest stable 4.40.11-1

The config file between this version and the old version I was installing
from had changed the ""Spam Actions", "High Scoring Spam Actions", and
associated items to now enforce a .rule or .rules suffix. Not having the
suffix causes the mail to be "lost", no error and causes output in the log
file of the action as being the filename converted to lower case (thus very
confusing). Only after some code debugging did I spot the change, if only I
had spotted the comment in the config file :)

May be worth highlighting this in the upgrade_MailScanner_conf script so
others dont make the same mistake.


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