Newlines (\n) in subjects

DNSAdmin dnsadmin at 1BIGTHINK.COM
Fri Apr 1 17:30:50 IST 2005

At 06:47 AM 4/1/2005, you wrote:
>Stijn Jonker wrote on 31-3-2005 21:18:
>>First of all: I know this has been discussed recently but I can't find
>>it in the jiscmail archives.
>>It seems that MailScanner is inserting a \n in subject lines somewhere
>>around char 80, I tried to dig the source on how to disable this, but
>>unfortunaly I couldn't find it.
>Are you sure MS is doing this? I know some MTA's (MS comes to mind) are
>doing that (incorrectly).

I'm running an older version, 4.24 I believe, due to old hardware and OS,
on RedHat-based 7.2, but not RedHat OS. Mine gives wicked, evil results the
same, but appears to be Euro-spammers, and port scanners as well as Asia,
South American and suspected US spammers.

Believe me I know I would hear IT if someone thought I was dropping
legitimate mail!

Apr  1 10:16:20 mx sendmail[29566]: j31FGHH29566: POSSIBLE ATTACK from
[]: newline in string "leo^M "
Apr  1 10:26:15 mx sendmail[30728]: j31FQEH30728: POSSIBLE ATTACK from
[]: newline in string "golom^M "


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