Spam Check rule file issues and checking order.

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Fri Apr 1 17:31:14 IST 2005

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Bob Jones wrote:

> Now for an even weirder (in my mind at least) issue.  So, we move the
> SpamChecks line in to the [All,YesNo] section.  If we send
> a message originating from IP address (which is in the
> rules file to not be scanned) to ourdesk at (which is also in the
> rules file to not be scanned), the message is scanned.  If only one of
> those 2 criteria is used, the message is not scanned (correct result),
> but with both criteria the message *is* scanned.  Any idea what is going
> on with that?

That's a bug. I just fixed it.
In there is a chunk of code like this:

sub SpamChecks {
  my $this = shift;

  my($id, $message);
  my $counter = 0;

  #print STDERR "Starting spam checks\n";

  MailScanner::Log::InfoLog("Spam Checks: Starting")
    if MailScanner::Config::Value('logspam');

  while(($id, $message) = each %{$this->{messages}}) {
    next if $message->{deleted};
    next unless MailScanner::Config::Value('spamchecks', $message) =~ /1/;

Note the change to the last line.

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