Allow Relaying + Virus Check + SPAM Check

Steven Rosen steve at
Mon Sep 20 19:07:09 IST 2004

The Fedora system I have is using
very recent versions of MailScanner + SpamAssassin + ClamAV
I host multiple domains and end-users have mail accounts
and can send out mail though the server via SMTP from Outlook
or other clients.

My question is simple, but I can't find an answer to this.

I allow a few very specific users of my system to send
outgoing mail through the server, not their ISPs.  To
do this, I allow a few general domains to relay through
the server:  such as (I make the subnet
as specific as possible to cover users without specific
IPs that may change).  This ends up in the file:
/etc/mail/relay-domains (I believe).

This works find and they can send mail out, but any mail
from an outside spammer or a virus goes through if they happen
to originate on the same allowed subnet.  They aren't relaying though the
server, they are only sending to a user's direct e-mail and
they originate on the same subnet as the one I have open.

So, any e-mail that meets this criteria, does not seem to
get SPAM and virus gets through!  Otherwise not.

I knowthis is probably not the best way to do this, but it works
for our server but I still want this mail to be SPAM and
Virus checked. Is there a way to still do this?  That's my only issue.

Or I'm afraid...once I open those relays, it means no virus/spam
checks for any mail from those domains?

  Steve Rosen <steve at>

  Steve Rosen <steve at>

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