spam getting through.

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Sep 15 16:29:59 IST 2004

The spam.lists.conf file defines the mapping from "Spam List" name in
MailScanner.conf to DNS domain name. The one you should definitely add to
this list is

and then in MailScanner.conf, use this:
I would recommend not using for outright tagging, it has too
many false positives. It works well in a well-balanced (e.g. default)
SpamAssassin setup though.

At 16:11 15/09/2004, you wrote:
>I am new to mailscanner, and SA.
>Anyway I have been playing with both, and have had some mail marked as spam.
>There is still alot getting through.
> >From what I can tell my spam.list.conf needs some changes.(I think I need to
>add more url's for spam searches.   right now it looks like this
>what are other good ones to add???

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