Bayes settings

Mike Tremaine mgt at STELLARCORE.NET
Mon Sep 13 17:30:31 IST 2004

I've decided to setup local spam/notspam users to re-train the bayes
engine and I've got a question about the Mailscanner.conf settings.

Specifically these setttings...

Rebuild Bayes Every = 0

Wait During Bayes Rebuild = no

By default Rebuild Bayes is off? What is the "suggested" use for this if
you are doing "re-training"? And will a hourly cron that excutes
sa-learn cause any time-outs?

I'm sorry if this has been covered before I did look through the MAQ and
the maillist archive.

[ Just for more info I've used the perl script posted here, with some
modifications for vhosts. I'll post it back when I'm all done...


Mike Tremaine
mgt at

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