Fortress Systems / SMGateway?

Steve Swaney Steve.Swaney at FSL.COM
Fri Oct 29 00:21:30 IST 2004

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> Steve Swaney wrote:
> > Hey I like FreeBSD too but we needed to package using rpms for the
> larger
> > market. The install is actually +70+ rpms since we relocated just about
> > everything That MailScanner & SpamAssassin and Razor use to live in
> > /opt/Fortress (to comply with the RH developer directives).
> Understood.  Isn't there a port of RPM for FreeBSD?  That might be
> interesting to try, assuming the actual product doesn't use anything
> Linux specific (hardcoded paths/libraries)..
> > I'd be happy to add you to the beta list for rc1 if you want to setup a
> > Linux system. CentOS (my today's favorite), WhiteBox and Tao Linux are
> > actually quite nice.
> I would certainly be willing to do so to try it out.
> Long term though I 'd like to get the product running on FreeBSD, even
> if I have to install things by hand (I prefer to do it that way anyway,
> truth be told).  The soft-updates feature of the FreeBSD filesystem
> makes it ideal as a MailScanner box.  I don't believe Linux has anything
> that compares to it performance-wise.
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Let's take this off-list but I can definitely state that we'd obviously like
to be able to support the maximum number of platforms practical :)


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