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Vlad Mazek vlad at MAZEK.COM
Tue Oct 26 18:32:34 IST 2004

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Sanjay K. Patel wrote:

 Is it possible for individuals to have their own black list and white list.
In this scenario someone can blacklist a sender while another has that
sender whitelisted.

I saw this functionality in a commercial product and figured it would be a
great function to have.

It is possible, all you have to do is edit your
%etc%/rules/spam.whitelist.rules and add a rule that says
From: user at domain.tld and To: localuser at localdomain.tld

You can use the same type of an entry in the blacklist rule file.

Note: I have *never* been able to get this to work but documentation
implies that its possible. Make sure you set Always Include SpamAssassin
Report = no

-Vlad Mazek
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