Mail::ClamAV-0.12 and Fedora 2

Gerry Doris gdoris at ROGERS.COM
Mon Oct 25 01:43:26 IST 2004

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>> Subject: Mail::ClamAV-0.12 and Fedora 2
>> I still can't find a way to get Mail::ClamAV version 0.12 to install
>> Fedora Core 2.  I'm using ClamAV 0.80.  I know that others were
>> problems too but I'm not sure if it is now supposed to work.
>> Was there a fix posted for this?

>I posted the fix (for my Fedora Core 2 installations) both here and in
>answer to your question on the Clamav users list. Did you try it?
>Goes like this:
>Check /etc/ for the line /usr/local/lib if it's not there add
>then run the command ldconfig, it will take a few moments to run. Once
>ldconfig is complete install Mail::ClamAV (cpan -i Mail::ClamAV) and
>test portion should now complete successfully.
>BTW: You will need to get the latest MailScanner installed also
>otherwise it
>will bomb with module errors from clamavmodule.

Thanks Rick!

Actually, I did see your message, tried it and it didn't work.  I went
back again to double check and I had made a typo!  Fixed it and
Mail::ClamAV went right in without a problem.

Lesson: do not attempt to make changes to a system(s) after 3:00am!

Gerry Doris <gdoris at>

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