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>Am I right when I assume the following:
>- Mail from an address thats on the whitelist is never marked as Spam.
>- Mail form an address thats on the blacklist is always marked as Spam.


>- There is no way to circumvent MailScanner, even when an address is white

The spam.whitelist.rules and spam.blacklist.rules are just example rulesets
which are applied to the "Is Definitely Not Spam" and "Is Definitely Spam"
options. You can apply a ruleset to just about any configuration option, so
if you want to skip all spam checks for some addresses, add a ruleset to
the "Spam Checks" configuration option.

Rulesets are explained in the MAQ ( and in the book

>What is the function of the list, is it used by MailScanner.
>Or only by Spamassassin when invoked by a script like .procmailrc?

The list is a set of rules for SpamAssassin, that will be used
by SpamAssassin regardless of how you call it (i.e. via MailScanner (easy)
or procmail (hard)).

The list has been superceded now and you shouldn't be using it
any more. SpamAssassin 3 achieves the same result using a much faster, more
efficient method.

>please be gentle with me I'm only trying to understand the way MailScanner

We all had to start somewhere.
Sorry to plug it yet again, but you may find the book helps you get going.

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