Kaspersky 5.0.x aveclient / server wrapper

Wolfgang Hennerbichler wogri at WOGRI.AT
Sun Oct 24 02:04:56 IST 2004

Hi MailScanner folks!

I've just written a quick and dirty wrapper for Kaspersky 5.0.x which
supports aveclient and aveserver (which seems to be much faster for our
high-load server). I think nobody did that before me (at least I didn't
find anything on the internet), so I did it.
Are you interested in building it into the distribution?

The wrapper calls a small c-program (C because of performance reasons)
which modifies the output of the aveclient to work with the
kaspersky4-5 parser. If you want to, I will send the wrapper and the
source of the c-program to anybody who will build it into the
distribution. If you don't care - I don't care either :)


wogri at wogri.at

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