OT: Sendmail and Queuegroups

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Sun Oct 10 17:09:23 IST 2004

Has anyone used sendmail queuegroups?  What about with a MailScanner
setup?  I've tried setting it up even without the MailScanner
requirement of an incoming queue and outgoing queue with little success.
Basically what I was hoping to do was take incoming All User listserve
messages from the campus listserver which is a moderated list and place
them in a separate queue that MailScanner doesn't scan.  The reason for
this is that when they send their all user messages, MailScanner with
Spamassassin checks just gets overwhelmed even though they are
whitelisted.  While MS w/SA is processing them, between 5 and 30
messages a min come in and queue up behind it.  I have been running MS
for many months with 15 processes at 30 messages each but when we get
hit with a couple thousand messages at once, I have to disable the
spamassasin checks until the queue clears up.  They used to send their
messages at the end of the day but for some reason they started sending
around 10/11am which tends to be peak times for typical incoming mail.
Incoming mail is merely rerouted to the destination using ldap.

Our MS server is really just a gateway where all our incoming mail comes
thru but it looks like the queue group only works if I'm sending a
message from the gateway box itself.  If I test using sendmail -bt, the
results look successfully but if I send a message that comes into it
from the outside, it still ends up in the default queue.  I've even
tried the Extended Queue Group m4 from http://www.murty.net/qgrpx/.    

I've search the net and can't find any good examples of this setup and
google has some topics on it but they haven't helped.  I've even set it
up using info from O'Reilly sendmail book.  So I'm beginning to wonder
if this will even work in a sendmail router kind of setup.  Besides the
MS config mentioned above, I'm on SunFire box with 2 gig ram and using
tmpfs for the MS incoming process.  I hoping to get a new Dell server
and switch to Linux before the end of the year with faster procs but I
still like to figure out the queuegroup to have that option available.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Bobby Rose
Wayne State University School of Medicine

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