mailscanner 4.34 seems to affect apt-get

Mike Zanker mike at ZANKER.ORG
Sat Oct 9 07:28:25 IST 2004

On 08 October 2004 23:13 +0100 Martynas Brijunas <mbrijun at HOTMAIL.COM>

> just like in Mike's case, there still seem to be some problems with
> MIME-Base64 on MailScanner4.34.8-4 on Fedora Core 2.
> When installing MailScanner there is a message saying "I have to
> force MIME- Base64. Sorry.". After the installation finishes the
> dependency problem is still there.

Yes - exactly what I am seeing on a bog-standard RHEL 3.0 box but with

My workaround (which I'm not entirely happy with but it works) was to
remove the MIME-Base64 rpm and install it from CPAN. This avoids
messing up the rpm database and gives MailScanner what it needs.

Presumably only until the next MailScanner upgrade, though, at which
point I'll have to rpmbuild only the changed modules rather than


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