FreeBSD Installation Issue

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Oct 7 02:35:02 IST 2004

Derek Buttineau | Compu-SOLVE wrote:
> Okay, I'm having a rather strange problem here attempted to install
> MailScanner from the latest FreeBSD port.. and I'm wonder if it's
> perhaps just something I've missed in my dazed stupor!
> It appears to me that the variables within my MailScanner.conf file
> aren't being used by the program (though I have confirmed that the
> config file is being parsed as it'll yell at me good if I duplicate any
> of the entries, etc)  But the config values themselves are defaulting.
> IE Incoming Mail Queue is defaulting to /var/spool/ even though
> I've changed it in the configuration file...

Are you sure you've put the correct mta in


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