Multiple actions in a ruleset

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Wed Oct 6 20:46:34 IST 2004

Julian Field wrote:
> At 20:16 06/10/2004, you wrote:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> At 21:25 05/10/2004, you wrote:
>>>> I just want to clarify the syntax if I want to have a ruleset rule
>>>> that has multiple actions.  For example, a domain that wants their
>>>> spam quarantined, but still receive a notification.
>>>> The ruleset I think to do this would be:
>>>> To:          store notify
>>>> I just want to confirm the syntax for multiple actions like this...
>>>> Do I separate them w/a space as I have here, or do I use a comma,
>>>> like this:
>>>> To:          store,notify
>>> You need to have a space in between them. Extra spaces and commas
>>> are fine too, but there must be at least one space. So
>>>          store, notify
>>> and
>>>          store notify
>>> are okay, but
>>>          store,notify
>>> is not.
>> Will this work for actions with 2 conditions?  I am having problems
>> with rules with 2 conditions and multiple actions.  MailScanner
>> complains about there being a syntax error in the file.  But I don't
>> get a syntax error if I just have one action.
>> Directly from the EXAMPLES file (#8):
>> From: and To: abuse@*     deliver
>> works just fine but:
>> From: and To: abuse@*     store deliver
>> gives a syntax error.  Is this supposed to work, or am I doing
>> something wrong?  I was running MailScanner 4.29.7, but upgraded to
>> 4.34.8 and I still get the same problem.  Thanks.
> Try using store,deliver instead. Sounds like a bugette in the ruleset
> compiler. Trying to spot those "and" conditions is not as easy as it
> looks when you can't predict what might be the results of the rule.

Both "store,deliver" and "store, deliver" give syntax errors.

I know it's not easy.  I was going to report the bug and submit a patch, but
I took a quick look at the code and decided to just report the bug.  :-)


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