End user quarantine?

Steve Swaney Steve.Swaney at FSL.COM
Sun Oct 3 23:35:58 IST 2004

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> Subject: End user quarantine?
> Is there an end user quarantine feature available for MailScanner?  I
> would like the users to get an email a few time per day summarizing
> all quarantine email with the ability to release them.  IronMail and
> MailFrontier both have this feature.
> Thanks,
> -Devon

We have a client who paid us to develop just such scripts and has asked us
to release the code we developed as Open Source Software. They quarantine
all spam between x and y and then send each user a daily report of what the
have in quarantine.

I haven't finished the installation directions (just to busy this week) but
if you're perl aware you can probably use these scripts with a little

The application:

1. Sends email report once a day to any user who has spam in quarantine

2. Example format of this email report; for each quarantined email:

        From:           email_address_of_sender
        Subject:                subject_line _of_email
        Click to view:  link_to_view
        Click to Release:       link_to_release

3. Links the spam emails to a web accessible directory with a ".web"
extension for viewing.

4. Enables a release link mechanism on the server

5. Can be installed with MailWatch but does not need MailWatch to operate.

INSTALL instructions should be finished in a few days but if you can't wait:


With many thanks to the IT staff at Douglas County Oregon, USA who worked
with us to develop the scripts. Credit is also due to Kevin Potter,
Information Technology Director at Douglas County who conceived of the
concept and wrote the original shell scripts.

I'll post again when the Steve
Install instructions are complete.

Steve Swaney
Fortress Systems Ltd.
steve.swaney at fsl.com

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