Error message about when starting MailScanner

Roel Gloudemans roel at GLOUDEMANS.INFO
Sun Oct 3 11:56:22 IST 2004

Post-mortem evaluation of this incident might be worth noting.

Eventually the problem had nothing to do with the perl version. When
installing an optional spamassassing perl module (Net::Ident I believe), a
'hostname --fqdn' was done to find out the hostname.

On Solaris 'hostname --fqdn' actually sets the hostname to --fqdn. Hence the
complaining of (--fqdn is an illegal name). Before the switch to
the final perl version I opened up an extra ssh session to the server,
noticing the --fqdn hostname in the command prompt and changed it back.

That's why last time it did work. If I'd listened to Julians first mail to
do a 'uname -a', I would have found out right away.

So all Solaris folks out there, whatch out when you are installing
additional perl modules for spamassassin.

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