Load Balancing + File Locking

Martin Hepworth martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM
Fri Oct 1 17:58:55 IST 2004


that's what's achieved by round-robin DNS.

Or do you a central file store for all queues, quarantine dir etc. You 
could always have a third machine with the file stores on it that's 
mounted by all the other hosts, but you still have the issus of the 
fileserver going down...

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Boulytchev, Vasiliy wrote:
> :))))))))))))))   Brilliant! :)))))))))))))))))
> This is definitely a nice way to use round robin DNS... To your advantage
> even.  Sweet.
> Unfortunately this don^Òt help us :(.   We must load balance this sucker.  If
> we will not have loadbalancing, we shall achieve the same with running
> sendmail on each mailscanner box, and vuala..... But I really want a
> Mailscanner Cluster!  I want redundancy! 
> Vasiliy Boulytchev
> Colorado Information Technologies, Inc.
> http://www.coinfotech.com
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> Boulytchev, Vasiliy wrote:
>>Ladies and Gents,
>>       The loads on the mail server require us to start moving 
>>Mailscanner with Spam and Virus filtering to other machines.  Questions:
>>       1.)     How does MS do the locking on files in the submitted
>>directory (after cgp2ms)?  If NFS3 is used to mount that shared folder 
>>on say 3 servers designated to only scanning mail, how do we avoid run-ons?
>>       2.)     Idea: if the local procs keep track of locking, then we can
>>toss all that into mysql for example? :)))  Just thinking of ways to 
>>add scalability.
> Vasiliy,
> We have 2 MS servers for incoming mail and they don't share any spool
> directory.  They are separate servers and the load balancing is done through
> the MX records.  Our 2 servers were not identical (one was about twice as
> fast as the other) and we had the following:
> # host -t mx usherbrooke.ca
> usherbrooke.ca mail is handled by 10 smtpe1.usherbrooke.ca.
> usherbrooke.ca mail is handled by 10 smtpe2.usherbrooke.ca.
> usherbrooke.ca mail is handled by 10 smtpe3.usherbrooke.ca.
> Here smtpe1 and smtpe3 are the same machine (the fastest one) with different
> IP.  It received close to 2/3 of all mail.
> I just replaced the slowest one (smtpe2) by a machine identical to the
> fastest one (smtpe1) so I asked our DNS guys to drop the smtpe3 name.
> Denis


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