Dont send virus alerts, but DO send bad file name/type etc.

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Tue Nov 30 22:27:20 GMT 2004

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James Gray wrote:

>Hi All,
>Our site is being hammered with Sober.j and Netsky.p (mostly) to the tune of
>several hundred an hour at times.  Understandably, users are getting a little
>peeved at the amount "[** VIRUS **]" alerts they're getting.  I've hinted to
>the powers that be, there may be a way to dump virus alerts, but still send
>notices to users about bad filenames and bad filetypes.  Spam will be handled
>by attaching the original (action=attachment deliver).
>So the actions would be:
>Virus = delete, don't send notice to user, notify admin.
Silent Viruses = All-Viruses
Still Deliver Silent Viruses = no

>Bad Filname = quarantine, notify user, notify admin.
>Bad Filetype = quarantine, notify user, notify admin.
>Spam = deliver as attachment (actually these are handled by a bunch of
>rulesets to enable per-user hi/lo spam thresholds and spam actions, but the
>default is "deliver attachment")
>So does anyone know the magic combination of options in mailscanner.conf to
>achieve what I'm trying to do??  I've RTFMAQ, and FAQ and the archives, and
>the conf file, but haven't found anything _exactly_ what I'm after.  Feel
>free to beat beat me with a clue bat if I've missed something.
>Thanks in advance.  BTW - thanks to Julian for saving our Windows users from
>themselves :P  Have to admit how smug I felt during that in-between period of
>virus outbreak and signature update, where MailScanner dutifully quarantined
>all the nasty attachments even though NAI-VirusScan didn't detect them :)
Handy, isn't it!

Julian Field
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