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lester lasad llasad1 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Nov 29 18:14:41 GMT 2004

--- Marco Benton <marco at XSSNET.COM> wrote:
> lester lasad wrote:
> | <...snip...>
> |
> |
> | I would like to explain my setup a little further.
>  I have one
> | sendmail server that relays (does not deliver to
> local mail files
> | on the server) to 2 seperate domains/hosts.  The
> MX record for both
> | domains ( and point to my one
> sendmail server (one
> | ip).  With that said, do you see any problems
> (mail routing loops)
> | using the virtusertable? for example, in the
> virtusertable I would
> | put: lester at       lester at
> |
> |> From my understanding that should relay the mail
> to
> | the server hosting the domain.  However, I
> still get mail
> | routing loop errors.
> |
> | Thanks for your assistance
> urr.  you mention it doesnt deliver mail to local
> users.  so where does it deliver mail to?

Mail is not delivered locally because it is acting as
a relay server.  the mx records for both the
and domains point to my sendmail server.  From
there I am using /etc/mail/mailertable to relay the
mail to 2 seperate servers (one server is for
and the other is for

>from your description, mail will *have* to
> be delivered locally as you have both domains
> pointed to that one
> it wouldnt make sense to have a
> virtusertable unless you
> wanted to deliver the mail somewhere else, hence the
> loop errors.
> it might be better to use /etc/mail/domaintable for
> what you are
> doing, simple domain remapping.

I am using webmin to administer my server.  When I
clicked on the domaintable option, I received the
following:  "Your sendmail configuration does not have
the domain mapping (domaintable) feature enabled"
Click here to eable it.  It took me to the sendmail m4
and I do not see an option to enable the domaintable.
Where can I enable this option?

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