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Marco Benton marco at XSSNET.COM
Wed Nov 24 20:11:12 GMT 2004

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Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:

| I'm usually tempted (though I've never yet succumbed to said
| temptation) to answer something like:
|> Why Unscaned??  what i'm doing wrong?
| Because it didn't!! Something!
| But seriously, maybe we should ask JF to add "How to ask questions
| the smart way" by ESR (available at
| ) so that people
| check it beforehand - and maybe add it to the welcome e-mail from
| the list if it's not already there...

for a minute there i thought i was in one of the comp.os.linux
newsgroups!  there is alot of "..Linux isnt working...why??..."

to make things worse, every post to this list has a trailer that
mentions reading the MAQ before posting, but how many times do we see
painfully obvious questions posted still?

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