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Marco Benton - BOFH marco at XSSNET.COM
Tue Nov 23 12:20:06 GMT 2004

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Mark Pottage wrote:
      Can someone tell me how sendmail decides how to send mail?
we have a mailertable with entries for domains pointing to example:                      esmtp[x.x.x.x]
Should this be used to decide where to send the mail?
We think our system is using DNS to decide how to route the mail
out.  We don't want to use DNS for one domain.
Does the resolv.conf file hold the entries for DNS used by the
server OS or for SendMail?
Is there another file used for DNS configuration of SendMail?

are you using an IP addresses?  i dont think an IP address there will
work correctly, esp for the host you're sending the mail to.  by putting
the hostname in "[]" you are telling Sendmail not to lookup the MX
records.  i dont think /etc/hots will work but you can try.

try:      relay:[]

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