Jaren Martineau jarenm at INTERWRX.COM
Mon Nov 22 17:41:45 GMT 2004

MailScanner is removing images that refer to scripts by rewriting the image
to the following:

<img src="MailScannerWebBug" width="1" height="1" alt="Web Bug" />

My question is this, I am using spam assassin and would like to add a rule
with a small score for all occurences of MailScannerWebBug in the rawbody
of the message. The problem is that the rule is not catching any messages.
I do know that the rule works, as I have resent the messages through
mailscanner and spamassassin a second time and spam assassin does see the
occurence of MailScannerWebBug the second time around. Is MailScanner
altering the message after it passes through spam assassin? Does anyone
have a recommendation on how I can score messages that have
MailScannerWebBug in them a little higher?

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