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Can you setup a backend mail hub that will accept email for some users at and I will configure the virtusertable to forward email to that
system for testing.

Is the MailWatch Database a bit smaller?


Steve Swaney


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Thanks for your reply.

We have no domains on this server.  This server is purely for relaying
services.  We want certain addresses to be converted as follows.

user1 at to user1 at

So that mail arriving for user1 at is converted to user1 at and
relayed to the server not server.

If this is what you are doing can you send us config for configuration you
have done?

Is there any other configuration changes to make other than virtusertable?

We have checked that the below line is in the .mc file.

FEATURE(`virtusertable',`hash -o /etc/mail/virtusertable.db')dnl

The only other entry we have is user1 at to user1 at which is in
the virtusertable file.

many thanks

Mark Pottage
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The answer is "yes" to all your questions. I found all the information
that I needed in the O'Reilly "Sendmail" book and on the Sendmail web

Our mail relays host addresses in 40+ domains and deliver to many mail
servers. Some of the domains are handled via mailertable and the rest by
virtusertable which has 94,000+ address entries. We use the version of
Sendmail distributed with RedHat AS 3.

What I did was set up a development mail relay on an on old Linux box.
It does not have to be very powerful since it will not carry a
production mail load. You can experiment with what you learn from the
book and then develop and test a production configuration on this

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