Sophos Error

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Mon Nov 22 10:07:44 GMT 2004

Hendrik den Hartog wrote:
> I've just installed the new sophosSAVI, so was keeping an eye
> on the logs to ensure all was well.
> This error was reported in the logs..
> SophosSAVI::ERROR:: The file passed for scanning represented part of
> a multi volume archive - the file cannot be scanned
> I've found one other reference to a similar Sophos error in the archives,
> but that didn't really explain the problem/a solution [if required?]
> I know it is a Sophos Error, but anyone know whether it can be attributed
> to the update?

It's not an error as in fault. It's an error in as much as Sophos can't
be sure that the file is ok, because it doesn't have access to all the
parts to reassemble it and check it properly.

By default, unless Sophos says the attachment is OK, MailScanner will
treat the content as malicious. If you're happy to permit these
attachments, even though you have no idea whether they're safe, you
could add some part of the error message to the allowed Sophos error
messages configuration entry.



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