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Sat Nov 20 12:23:39 GMT 2004

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Quentin Campbell wrote:

>I have seen repeated examples of log entries similar to:
>Nov 19 05:21:10 cheviot5 MailScanner[14191]: Found phishing fraud from
>orders at claiming to be mailto:orders at
>Nov 19 05:30:34 cheviot5 MailScanner[14082]: Found phishing fraud from
> claiming to be
>Why might it be dangerous to strip the prefixing "mailto:" in the first
Sounds fair enough.

> and the appended script & arguments in the second before doing the
I am wary of doing that as (a) there should be a / before the ? and (b)
could the ? be part of a username or password passed to the http server
which could therefore be used to evade the phishing net?

Julian Field
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