I'm lost: Virus: keyword in ruleset - is this a limitation?

Yeo Chit Loong cl.yeo at FTDTECH.COM
Fri Nov 19 07:20:06 GMT 2004

(Apologies for sending this to announce list previously)
Hi everyone,

I like to know if there are any more references to the usage of the
keyword "Virus:" in rulesets?

**What I have done:
I've done searches on google, the archives and mailinglist and whatever
FAQ (even several foreign language forums) for the past 10 hours.

But most of the examples are concentrated on filtering by domain and/or
the EXAMPLES file only shows Virus: <virus name> <yes | no >

I think I've actually missed out the documents on the ruleset syntax, but
I've figured out it's something as follows:
<ruletype>: <domain | virusname | default> < yes | no | address >

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

**What I want to do:
For example, I want to MS to send me notices if it is a virus infection
(some virus) and not events like "Bad Filename",

At the same time, I like another person to receive "Other bad content
detected" notices and another list of virus.

In other words:
1) if virus "virus" detected - email to account1
2) emails with "bad filename" errors - > /dev/null  ELSE email to
3) if virus "anothervirus" detected - email to account2

Is this a limitation of MS or am I missing out something here?


Best regards,
Yeo Chit Loong
MIS - Systems Administrator

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