MIME-Base64 package problems ...

paddy paddy at PANICI.NET
Thu Nov 18 20:43:57 GMT 2004


Hi, I'm just installing 4.35.11.  Straight away I noticed
the new package name 'MailScanner-perl-MIME-Base64' (yes, I've not been
paying attention awhile).

When I built it and rpm -qlp it I see


and then again


each with the expected hierarchy under it.

Straight away I say to myself "what was that show where they used to
say 'now that was not supposed to happen'".

I've looked around for docs on why the move, and grepped the list, but
I seem to be missing the vital intel.  I'm guessing this helps with some
installation problem somewhere.  Should MailScanner work happily with
a MIME-Base64-3.05 installed from an rpm built with the spec for 3.00
that you shipped (much more vanilla), as I have built that and
rpm --test -Uvh seems happy, or is MailScanner now looking for MIME::Base64
only in this 'non-standard' place (I'd imagine you just gave that place
priority in an @INC somewhere), or is there some subtle breakage in
this way of installing things ... (and so on ...)

Many Thanks,
Perl 6 will give you the big knob. -- Larry Wall

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