mailscanner with postfix header checks vs. amavisd-new

dave dmehler26 at WOH.RR.COM
Thu Nov 18 09:44:09 GMT 2004

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    I'm a newbie to this list and am hoping to learn a great deal. I've got
several FreeBSD and Linux mail servers running postfix 2 2.1.5 on the
FreeBSD side and 2.1.3 on Linux. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with
both mailscanner and amavisd-new with postfix, spamassassin, and razor plus
an AV either clamav or fprot though the AV isn't really important? I was
previously using amavisd-new, postfix, and spamassassin for antispam, but
was not very happy with this setup, it did ok, but i feel it could have done
better, maybe i'm just a perfectionist. What i'd like to know is your
personal pros and cons of either solution, in terms of speed, reliability,
ease of use/configuration, approx amount of spam caught, and general
impressions. A friend of mine set up a postfix box with mailscanner about a
year ago, the thing i didn't like was i had to use two postfix instances, i
like to keep things as standard as possible. I checked the postfix section
of the user's guide today when another friend said mailscanner had a
feature, see next point, that i've been looking for and discovered that now
you can use header checks for mailscanner. My question is where in the
header checks file should you put the HOLD line? To me it would seem to go
at the end, so headers get processed first, and anything unnecessary
discarded outright before being moved through mailscanner. Or does it go at
the beginning? Or does it matter? I'd also like more information on
connection limiting. One of my mail servers is natted behind a firewall and
is being blasted by connecting clients trying to spam, it does well, but i'd
like to block the offending IP or drop it for instances if it connects
within x times within a minute.
Thanks for any replies.

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